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The information in this DVD is very well presented; the advice given is very useful and practical. I have started immediately reviewing and improving my CV. In the current economic climate, when work is difficult to find the advice from the CV experts is invaluable. I would recommend to everyone.


A really good and comprehensive source of advice presented in an interesting way. In times of crisis and situation when a job market is extremely competitive jobseekers need their CVs to stand out. This DVD tells us not only how to make our CVs unique but also how to turn simple facts into eye-catching and how to do it in a professional manner. Would recommend it to every job hunter:)


Having been made redundant 6 months ago, I thought my experience in my industry plus my achievements would put me in good stead for my next role. However with next to no interviews, I purchased the CV experts and within 20 mins I could see why nobody was contacting me. The small put critical errors on my current CV were being explained by the experts as common mistakes that they see almost everyday when recruiting. Needless to say I am now having my CV reviewed and I now know what to be looking for in the final document. A great product with over 170 reasons why your CV maybe holding you back and how to make the changes as seen from the experts point of view.


I have recently purchased the DVD/CD, however around 8 weeks ago i was in need of tailoring my CV. Having recently been made redundant the advice i followed was that as a new Job seeker there was "free advice" out there available to me and i should not have to pay for anything in respect of job seeker support. That was 8 weeks ago, it has pained me during that time that you wait for meetings with so called advisors and specialists, i have nothing against these people but i just wish 8 weeks ago i had been much more decisive, i suppose you live and learn. That said i follow a principle in life that you really learn from other peoples example and not having to go through the personal experience yourself to learn.

If i offer only one piece of advice for you to take away that advice would be to invest in Stephen Conways CV Experts DVD/CD. I has great content, clear, precise and so empowering that you find yourself getting straight into action mode after only a couple of minutes. In the 58 minutes watching the DVD i had already set out a new template, changed passive words to active words, the feeling this provides is everlasting. Invest in this and you will take giant strides back to work. I have and already after 1 week i have 3 interviews, prior to that i had only 1 job interview in 12 weeks. I rest my case.


I have in Job market for 6/7 weeks with a cv Which I think was the best. But was not getting the response even though I thought I matched all the requirements of the Job. Then I got hold of the DVD & It's amazing insight on the CV writing. I re-written my cv & getting good response. Will recommend this a as must.


This type of tools is very important in order to help people to improve the potential for achieving their goals.


I bought this DVD&CD from Cavendish films because I want to be updated while I'm looking for a job. I'm a technician and due to this I tend to put many details on my CV but sometimes it looks to much complex and I just couldn't figure out a way to simplify and resume my own career.

Fortunately this product surpassed all my expectations as not only gives me tips and examples to improve the CV, but also underlines very important issues which I was missing.

It helps me to look at my CV in a much serious way on how to reveal myself to a future employer. All the videos on the DVD are very objective and I can see them over and over again, making it much easier to memorise. I was talking with a friend of mine about this and I was also surprised with myself about how much I've learned. If you are looking for work or even if you just want to update your CV then this is a must and it's the first thing where you have to start working. You are just improving the image of you're own mirror.

Thank's for a very good and affordable product. I could compare it to my swiss army knife cause it really helps. I will keep following with interest every new product release from this company.


It was a great opportunity to listen to different CV writing-leading experts.

The contents of all chapters were clearly interpreted with sufficient information and practical tips, which helped me just in a couple of hours reorganize, improve and enforce my CV.

The CV Experts DVD exceeded my expectations and saved my time.

Many thanks to Cavendish films and all of the experts!


I have been very impressed with the DVDs I have received from Cavendish Films. This one - CV experts provides practical and easy to follow tips on how to maximise the impact a CV has.

In today's economic climate, when roles are scarce in comparison to the number of people applying for them, these tools can help anyone to maximise their potential. They are clear and easy to follow with common sense explanations as to why certain techniques work.

I have been very impressed with the quality of this product and will purchase further training from this company again.


The advice is excellent, as are the templates, making for a very easy way to getting a great CV. All the agencies I have sent it to have commented on how great my CV is, so I can recommend wholeheartedly.


The advice from the experts (top CV authors and recruitment specialists) is invaluable and breaks down every part of the CV into it's component parts. It is 25 chapters in total, and is very clear and easy to follow. The templates are impressive and using them with the tips included made a big difference. I have just been offered the job - which is why I am writing this review.

I bought the full set of DVDs from this company and consider them to be extremely good value.


This DVD really talks a matter.The content is well organised and to the point, with every little aspect of CV taken into account.And more over, it also covers a bit about cover letter ,which I think is a bonus.

The experts talk adds a value to DVD and make one realize,what exactly the recruiters are looking for in candidates and how a simple CV can be one of the best CVs.

So I must say,this DVD is a quality and I am sure that by following this DVD ,my CV will allow me to stand out from the crowd.


To me the main contribution is the idea of the CV being an account of your achievements rather that an autobiography.

At first it was difficult for me to see my working history as a sequence of success stories.

Given time though the lines started to come up in that direction without having to stretch the truth.

This makes me more confident let alone the way the CV is beginning to look.


I found this an excellent product, with lots of excellent tips, & would recommend it to anyone seeking employment.

Not having needed a C.V for over 25 yrs, I was not aware of the best layouts & which information was to be included, or which was not neccassary (i.e age, marital status, etc.), to achieve the most successful results.

After watching the DVD, I formulated my C.V, then there is the added bonus which is to have the C.V reviewed by one of the experts on the DVD (free of charge) this helped me to fine tune it & has led to two interviews in the past two weeks.

Excellent value & well worth the small investment.